Tiffany has spent her whole life working with dogs. As a small child, she trained the family dogs, and started working at the local animal shelter as a teen. At age 16, she started teaching dog obedience classes, and has helped people and dogs improve their relationships for over 20 years now. She has titled several dogs in obedience, agility, rally, and conformation, including the first Anatolian Shepherd to have both conformation championship and rally titles. She has a special love for the “difficult breeds” and puppies of all types. Tiffany shares her life with her husband, Alex, daughter Ravenna, son Saxon and their dogs, cats, and reptiles.


Certified Behavior Consultant, CCBC-KA


Heather is a life-long animal lover and has been privately and professionally training dogs since 2010 During her time as a dog trainer and shelter volunteer she has found herself loving with all breeds and personalities of dogs, but has always gravitated towards nervous, anxious, and fear-aggressive dogs. This often comes in the form of misunderstood small breeds. Over her tenure in animal care, she has fostered and worked with dogs of all shapes and sizes. In addition to her two Animal Science degrees, she has attended CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, and is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

Heather enthusiastically utilizes force-free training practices to teach owners to train their dogs to become the best versions of themselves. Heather lives with her husband, three chihuahuas, an elderly beagle, and foster animals.




Evan has always surrounded himself with animals and has worked with them as a trainer and a groomer. He has competed in obedience and agility with his own dogs and is currently attending CATCH academy. Evan owns two Pomeranians, a cat (who’s also clicker trained!), three snakes, a gecko and a tarantula. In his spare time, Evan enjoys music, gaming and exploring the outdoors.




Sara has over 18 years working in the veterinary field, both in the office and with animals. She and her family share their home with a dog and a cat, Franny and Cannoli, and many foster bunnies.




Jayden received their first service dog at 18 years old and the process of working with their dog, and recognizing how it can help people truly realize how incredible and intelligent dogs really are, sparked a lifelong love of dog training.

They started off in a behavior modification and boarding facility working their way up from cleaning kennels and playing with the dogs to last-resort behavior modification with high bite risk dogs. During this time they also started therapy and service dog training through a non profit organization, hosted group obedience and therapy dog classes, and held board and trains training intricate task work for service dogs to aid their handlers with disabilities.

Jayden also is training in various dog venues such as competitive obedience, scent work, bite sports, conformation, and more.




From childhood, Taylor exhibited a passion for dogs. She grew up in Colorado taking her own dogs to obedience classes. In 2016 she decided to begin her journey as a professional, positive reinforcement-based trainer. Before moving to Ohio, Taylor spent two years training service dogs for veterans and children with disabilities. She has a passion for “difficult” dog breeds and senior dogs. In her spare time, Taylor enjoys exploring hiking trails with her dogs.




Allison’s love for animals started at an early age, walking the neighborhood dogs and teaching them tricks. Her passion for animals brought her to Ohio where she received a Zoo & Conservation Science degree. Throughout the years, Allison has worked at animal shelters around Columbus, with a special interest in the anxious and elderly dogs. She is dedicated to providing compassionate and fear free care for all animals. Allison has two cats and a Pomeranian mix at home & enjoys playing video games, camping and Dungeons & Dragons.




CJ has always had a love for animals, wild and domestic. As a child, he checked out every book he could find about animals at his local library, and traversed the entirety of the Columbus Zoo many times over. As an adult, this passion for animals continued and CJ began volunteering with different rescues, working with dogs, cats, and rabbits. CJ has two dogs: Raz and Mabel, and three cats. In his spare time, CJ enjoys reading and spending time outdoors.