Here at Central Ohio Muttessori School, we specialize in reward-based training methods that are backed by science and proven to strengthen communication between you and your dog. It is most important to us that your bond continues to grow positively through learning, which is why we implement the most updated training styles designed to do just that!

Like the Montessori education for children, we aim to explore your dog’s individuality by creating custom-built plans that enhance their self-confidence, independence, and creativity. By allowing them freedom within limits, they never feel pressured or forced into things that they are not ready for. We want your dog to delve into their education because they want to! But above all else, we aim to make training fun and enjoyable for the entire family and all those involved.

Central Ohio Muttessori School is proud to be inclusive of all people, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, ability, shape or size, and we are committed to keeping our training space a safe place for all.

A great opportunity for you and your pup to make friends and learn valuable techniques together! Obedience, tricks, reactivity, and more!

Busy schedule and long work days that make training your dog difficult to incorporate into your routine? We got your back!

Need more specialized attention? If you’re looking for a more personal approach to modifying behaviors or teaching manners, check out our one on one private training options.

Heading out of town and don’t want to break training? Have a big vacay planned and forgot to make plans for your new puppy? Check this out!