Does your dog bark at other dogs or people when you take them out for a walk on their leash? Do you avoid taking your dog out because of the stress in the first place?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, than our Fiesty Fido Class is just for you and your pooch! This is a semi-private group class with a limit of four dogs per session. We will meet for 6 weeks total to teach you both how to have more control and confidence when out for a walk. You will learn handling skills and how to desensitize your pup to being around their stimuli.

The first week you do not bring your dog. Week one is for PARENTS ONLY so that we may get to know your dog’s specifics as well as educate you on what it means to have a reactive dog and how to read and understand them better.

We look forward to working together soon!

Sorry, no children at this class please.


There are NO REFUNDS once your class start date has passed.

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