This class is offered to families and their new puppies that are under 16 weeks of age when the class starts. Puppy Kindergarten is 6 classes with rolling enrollment, which means you can start any week! We cover basic obedience, puppy problem solving, socialization, and more! We ask that your pooch is up-to-date on the vaccines recommended by your own veterinarian including but not limited to DHPP. This course is only $150 for the entire 6 class program! What sets us apart from other group classes? We teach YOU how to be the trainer so that you and your family feel confident enough to be your own dogs teacher promising better and longer lasting results! And the best part? We use the most up-to-date, science-backed, POSITIVE training methods guaranteed to grow a stronger bond between you and your pup!

Classes are rolling enrollment, so you can start as soon as there’s an opening!

Rolling enrollment is not drop in. Once you begin classes, your six classes are consecutive. There are NO REFUNDS once you begin classes.

Please note there may be a waitlist for attending specific classes.

If your puppy was born before 03/22/2024, you’ll need to enroll in the Elementary Class instead.

Saturday – 10:00 AM
Tuesday – 6:30 PM


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Saturday 10-11AM

Tuesday 6:30-7:30PM