We are currently not accepting new sleepaway camp dogs, as our existing client pups are keeping us very busy! Please feel free to check back later!


For our clients, we offer Sleepaway Camp! If you aren’t yet a client, you’ll need to become one before your dog can stay with us.

Our Sleepaway Camp is a different approach to boarding your dog while you are away. Our trainers will take your dog into their own home and care for them as requested during your leave, all while adding in basic training and manners to their daily routine!  We do require dogs to be dog-friendly or at least dog tolerant to complete this option. Please contact us for more de-tails!

**Please note, Sleepaway Camp is not a stand alone program, but a boost to your dog’s training. Because we take each dog’s temperament and comfort levels into account, each dog’s training will vary.